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The Forming/Doubling Machine (EFT-400) is designed to receive the flat dough sheet from the 11-Layer Drying/Cooling Conveyor and then folds the sheet to form a 2-layer sheet. It is equipped with a movable forming collar with sensors at the sides for tracking control. The folded dough sheet is fed to the Forming Machine for forming. The forming rollers are inverter-controlled and synchronized with the Dough Sheeter and the 11-Layer Drying/Cooling Conveyor. It is equipped with an oiling roller to the forming rollers whenever necessary. A discharge conveyor receives the formed double layer dough sheet for transfer to the Dryer Separator.



200 – 400 kgs/hr depending on shape and design

Power Requirements
3.37 kW
1,600 mm (L) x 2,000 mm (W) x 1,950 mm (H)
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