Technical Specs
Capacity: 500 kgs to 1 Ton (max) / hour
Dimension: 1,425 mm (L) x 1,400 mm (W) x 830 mm (H)

The Kneader/Feeder (EKF-500) was developed by NP as an auxiliary machine for it’s E-Series snack pellet manufacturing line. Previously, the dough goes from the Steam Cooker directly to the Dough Sheeter forming a big mound.

The development of the EKF-500 serves as a “catch basin” for the dough after 8-9 minutes of steaming from the cooker making the dough more homogeneous. It makes the dough more consistent before going to dough roller for sheeting.

Another importance of the EKF-500 is that it minimizes tears, holes, roughness and uneven thickness of the mass dough descending from the Steam Cooker – to the Kneader/Feeder – before the Dough Sheeter for easy sheeting.

As such, it regulates the amount of dough as it is gradually fed to the roller. It also minimizes operator interference as previously the dough is stacked at the feeding roller that makes the dough stuck thus needed for an operator to remove or adjust it.

The EKF-500 is now a standard machine of the NP E-Series Line and most of our customers incorporated it from their existing lines.